Call Transcript Proves President Trump Acted Within Constitutional Authority


Impeachment Effort Is Transparent Attempt By Liberals To Overturn 2016 Election

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Club for Growth President David McIntosh issued the following statement in response to the newly released transcript of a call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

“This transcript proves President Trump did nothing wrong and was acting under his constitutionally granted authorities. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the President broad authority to execute the nation’s foreign policy. Article II, Section 3 also makes the President Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States. If a U.S. citizen is suspected of criminal activity, the President can and should discuss the matter with foreign leaders. Unfortunately, this represents another attempt by Democrats to smear the President and overturn the 2016 election. Instead of passing legislation to make the country better, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are obsessed with impeachment in order to feed their insatiable far-left base at the expense of the truth and prosperity.” – David McIntosh, President, Club for Growth