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Club for Growth to GOP Appropriators and Moderates: Now Is the Time to Act on President Trump’s Rescissions Package

Rachael Slobodien - May 22nd, 2018

Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh issued the following statement encouraging Republican Leadership in the House to bring H.R. 3, President Trump’s rescissions package, immediately to the House floor for a vote:

“The clock is ticking on President Trump’s bold rescissions package,” stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

“Big government GOP appropriators and moderates are holding up the President’s rescissions plan because they are addicted to spending.  Republican leadership needs to bring the proposal (HR 3) to the floor immediately and force the appropriators and moderates to make a decision.  Are they with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats?  Or are they with President Trump and the American people who want smaller government?  It’s their choice.

“It’s long past time for the GOP to get its fiscal house in order, and President Trump’s rescission plan provides the perfect mechanism to do exactly that.  The time to act is now.”


Club for Growth Commends Trump Administration for Putting Trade War with China on Hold

Rachael Slobodien - May 21st, 2018

Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh issued the following statement commending the Trump Administration for announcing the trade war on China is “on hold:”

“Club for Growth applauds Secretary Mnuchin and the Trump Administration for putting its trade war with China on hold,” stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

“This sends a very positive signal and is an encouraging sign as our nation moves forward with trade negotiations.  As the Trump Administration continues these negotiations, Club for Growth encourages a broad, sweeping agreement that will open up new markets and businesses for the U.S.  It’s also imperative that any new trade deal include a strong framework of permanency so that both Chinese and American businesses can comfortably exchange goods and services with each other without the constant disruption of government interference that will stifle growth and innovation.”



Club for Growth PAC Endorses Mark Harris for Congress

Rachael Slobodien - May 17th, 2018

Today, Club for Growth PAC endorsed Mark Harris in his campaign for Congress to represent North Carolina’s ninth district. Mark Harris secured the Republican nomination for this seat on May 8, 2018 and now faces Democrat Dan McCready on the November ballot.

“Club for Growth PAC is proud to endorse a conservative firebrand like Mark Harris,” stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

“Mark is a man of integrity and a tried and true fiscal conservative who believes in limited government. When he gets to Congress, Mark will fight to simplify the tax code and repeal Obamacare. Most of all, Mark is committed to reining in the federal government and its out-of-control spending habits.”


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Club for Growth PAC Congratulates Russ Fulcher  

Rachael Slobodien - May 16th, 2018

 Today, Club for Growth PAC released the following statement congratulating its endorsed candidate, Russ Fulcher, for winning the Republican primary election in Idaho’s first Congressional district:

“Club for Growth PAC was honored to be one of the first to endorse Russ Fulcher in his run for Congress,” stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

“Russ ran a strong campaign and his record in the state legislature proves he will be a fearless advocate for conservative policies in Washington. Russ will continue to fight against Obamacare in Congress just as he fought against Medicaid expansion in his state.

“Club for Growth members and Club for Growth Action were instrumental in getting Russ across the finish line today, and we look forward to his work in advancing economic liberty for our nation.”

  • Club for Growth PAC endorsed Russ Fulcher on November 27, 2017.
  • Club for Growth Action invested more than $500,000 on independent expenditures in support of Russ Fulcher.
  • Additionally, Club members bundled $135,000 in contributions directly to the Fulcher campaign through the Club for Growth PAC.


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Club for Growth Action Unveils “Pelosi” Ad in TX-21

Rachael Slobodien - May 15th, 2018

Today, Club for Growth Action announced the release of a 30-second ad that will begin airing on broadcast throughout Texas’s 21st Congressional district; the ad exposes the weakness of Matt McCall’s candidacy.  This is an additional $140,000 expenditure on top of an existing ad buy.

Upon release of the ad, Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh remarked, “There is a reason that Matt McCall was decimated the past two times he ran for Congress.  He has demonstrated he’s not a viable candidate.  Given how close Pelosi and the Democrats may be to gaining control of Congress, Republican voters simply cannot afford to leave this race in the hands of a weak candidate like McCall.”

To watch CFG Action’s television ad, “Pelosi,” click here.  The transcript of the ad is included below.

Club for Growth Action
:30 TV

Matt McCall just might make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House.

McCall has run for Congress twice before. He got swamped.

With Democrats so close to controlling congress, if McCall loses again… Hello, Nancy.

And McCall must know he’s weak, ‘cause now he’s using the same fake news attacks against Chip Roy that liberals use against Donald Trump. 

McCall for Congress? Pelosi for Speaker.

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