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Club for Growth PAC Endorses Ross Spano for Congress

Rachael Slobodien - September 18th, 2018

The Club for Growth PAC today announced its endorsement of Florida State Representative Ross Spano, who is running for Congress in Florida’s fifteenth Congressional district.  The seat is currently held by Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL), who is retiring at the end of this year.  On August 28, Spano won the Republican primary by 44 percent and now faces the Kristen Carlson, the Democrat nominee, in the general election.

“Club for Growth PAC is proud to endorse Ross Spano for Congress,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

“Unlike his liberal opponent, Spano supports President Trump’s tax cuts and will fight to repeal Obamacare.

“In his service to the state of Florida, Spano has shown he is not afraid to stand up to his own party’s leadership when they wanted to compromise on core principles.  On the campaign trail, Spano has focused on limited government priorities.  Specifically, two of his top issues are term limits and supporting a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.”


ICYMI: The Wall Street Journal: How Republicans Could Still Win

Rachael Slobodien - September 17th, 2018

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel recently highlighted polling that shows how Republicans can still win this November. The polling included a survey of likely general election voters in the 41 most competitive Republican-held Congressional races. The data reveals the challenges and messaging opportunities Republicans face heading into elections this year. The key is to persuade swing district voters by defending the tax cuts and making them permanent.

To view a summary of the survey, click here.

An excerpt of Strassel’s column is included below. You can read the piece in its entirety here.

How Republicans Could Still Win: A forthcoming poll suggests ways they can persuade voters in swing districts.
The Wall Street Journal
Kimberley Strassel
September 13, 2018

This was a week of gloomy midterm polls for the Republican Party, with a wave of results projecting a Democratic takeover of the House and maybe even the Senate. But not all polls are created equal. If Republicans bother to read just one, it should be a yet-unreleased survey that tells a more nuanced story.

The data come courtesy of the Club for Growth, a conservative outfit that plays to win. The Club’s donors expect it to place smart bets in elections, which it can’t do if it relies on feel-good data. …

Bottom line: Many of these races are winnable—if Republicans have the courage of their convictions and get smarter in tailoring their messages to voters.

. . .

… Republicans still hold a 3-point lead on the generic ballot in these districts, meaning they have a real chance if they get their likely voters out. An even bigger opening: Approximately 25% of those polled remain “persuadable” to vote Republican—if they hear the right things.

The difficulty is that different voters want to hear different things. Republicans have been touting their tax cuts and the economy, and they should. But the Club’s data make clear that uncommitted voters want more than past achievements, or a scary picture of Nancy Pelosi, or excuses for Mr. Trump. They want promises for the future. And yes, they remain wary that Democrats will reverse particular economic reforms.

Which is why the message that resonates most strongly by far with persuadable voters is a Republican promise that they will make permanent last year’s middle-class tax cuts. . .

Likewise, Republicans have an opportunity in highlighting the left’s more doolally ideas. Uncommitted voters reacted strongly against Democrats’ calls to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and strongly in favor of GOP promises to defund “sanctuary” cities and states, which refuse to follow immigration law. These were top messages for those crucial suburban voters, who have watched in alarm as urban violence creeps into their neighborhoods. (Interestingly, the other top suburban message was repealing ObamaCare.)

As for the Republican base, the poll finds they are driven most by Democrats’ threats to the presidency, the economy and constitutional rights. They will be inspired by Republicans who promise to protect the Second Amendment. They are likewise stirred by promises to defend Mr. Trump from the partisan impeachment effort that would inevitably accompany Democratic House control. And they want to hear Republicans vow to guard against intrusive and specific Democratic job-killing proposals—a $15-an-hour minimum wage, regulations on autos and drinking straws, government health care, etc.

. . .

So the trick for Republicans is to target different microcosms of their districts, tailoring their messages via digital marketing, calls, mailings and events. Some issues, like taxes, resonate everywhere, but for the most part the emphasis and message needs to be entirely different depending on block-by-block geography.

That’s doable, though it breaks with the usual mentality that elections are one thing or another—a positive or a negative campaign, a referendum or a choice. Elections during the Trump presidency, like the presidency itself, will be messy. Republicans who are willing to embrace that mess still have a shot.


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CFG Action Montana Launches New TV Ad Highlighting President Trump’s Rally Against Jon Tester

Rachael Slobodien - September 10th, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, CFG Action Montana launched a new ad as part of its seven-figure television buy highlighting Jon Tester’s dishonest and liberal record in Washington. The ad will run on broadcast, cable, and satellite TV. Entitled “Signature,” the ad highlights President Trump’s comments on Jon Tester from last week’s rally in Montana. President Trump tells the crowd how Tester has gone Washington and compares Tester’s voting record to Nancy Pelosi. Previous ads have highlighted Tester’s broken promises on debt reduction, accepting special-interest perks and lobbyist contributions, Obamacare, and missing committee hearings.

Watch the ad here:

“Jon Tester has a long history of saying one thing in Montana and doing the exact opposite in Washington,” said CFG Action Montana President David McIntosh. “President Trump was right to tell Montanans about how dishonest Tester really is.”   (more…)

CFG Action Montana Launches New TV Ad On No-Show Tester

Rachael Slobodien - September 05th, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, CFG Action Montana launched its fourth ad as part of its seven figure television campaign highlighting Sen. Tester’s dishonest and liberal Washington record. The ad will run on broadcast, cable, and satellite TV across the state.

“Missing” continues to highlight Sen. Tester’s betrayal of Montana values in favor of the Washington, D.C. swamp. While Montana families work hard to make ends meet, Sen. Tester has no problem accepting his taxpayer-funded paycheck even when he doesn’t show up for work. Over his 12 years in Washington, Sen. Tester has missed more than 60 percent of his committee hearings, and missed 76 percent of Senate Homeland Security meetings. This is yet another example of Sen. Tester “going Washington.”

Previous ads have highlighted Sen. Tester’s broken promises on debt reduction, accepting special-interest perks and lobbyist contributions, and Obamacare.

Watch the ad here:

“Montana taxpayers deserve a senator who actually works for them – and that person is clearly not Jon Tester,” said CFG Action Montana President David McIntosh. “Sen. Tester has been too busy cavorting with his special-interest friends to show up for work and fight for the policies Montana citizens care about. Montana deserves a senator who keeps his promises and does his job.”


  • In Montana, people believe in an honest day’s work. But not Jon Tester. 
  • Tester has a problem showing up for his job.  
  • All told, Tester’s missed more than 60 percent of his committee hearings in the Senate. 
  • Tester even missed 76 percent of Senate Homeland Security meetings.
  • Fighting illegal immigration and stopping terrorism is that committee’s job.
  • But time and again, Tester disappears.
  • Jon Tester. He’s gone Washington.
  • CFG Action Montana is responsible for the content of this message.


Sen. Tester missed more than 60 percent of his committee hearings in the Senate and 76 percent Senate Homeland Security meetings (Congressional Hearings, Government Publishing Office)

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Club for Growth PAC Praises Gov. Ducey for Kyl Senate Appointment

Rachael Slobodien - September 04th, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth PAC praised Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for appointing former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl to the U.S. Senate to serve out the rest of Sen. John McCain’s term. Kyl’s appointment will run through 2020, when a special election will be held to fulfill the remainder of Sen. McCain’s term.

Sen. Jon Kyl is a longtime fiscal conservative who earned a lifetime Club for Growth score of 92% during his time in Congress. Known for his expertise on financial and economic issues, Sen. Kyl has been a strong voice and reliable vote for pro-growth policies.

Club for Growth PAC has previously supported Jon Kyl in his Senate race.

“Club for Growth PAC congratulates Sen. Kyl on his appointment to the U.S. Senate, and thanks Gov. Ducey for appointing a strong fiscal conservative who will fight for Arizona taxpayers,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. Sen. Kyl will join other limited-government senators in championing pro-growth policies like repealing Obamacare, making the Trump tax cuts permanent, and undoing the regulatory damage of the Obama years.”

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