CFG Action Missouri: Poll Shows Josh Hawley Dominating Missouri Senate Race by Seven Points; McCaskill Faces Uphill Battle and Losing Ground


Today, CFG Action Missouri released poll results that show Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley is consolidating support among Republicans and undecided voters.

Highlights from the poll can be found here.  Specifically, the polling revealed:

  • Name ID and Image:

o   Josh Hawley’s favorables have increased by five points from our mid-July poll. Claire McCaskill’s image remains essentially unchanged and is net-negative.

  • Ballot:

o   Hawley’s ballot support has increased to 48%, increasing from the July poll giving him a seven-point lead on the ballot.

o  The CFG Action Missouri “Cry” ad has had a significant effect on the race. Introducing a new issue into the race has shifted previously undecided voters to Hawley, while holding Claire McCaskill to her core base of voters.

o   Hawley’s gains on the ballot have come as he has consolidated the support of Republicans and Republican-leaning groups like Conservatives, Independents, Republicans, and Trump Voters.

o   Both leading indicators for election outcome look good for Hawley as he holds six point leads among voters who have heard of both candidates or have opinions of both.

Upon release of the polls, CFG Action Missouri President David McIntosh and CFG Action Missouri strategist Jeff Roe offered the following statements:

“This latest polling demonstrates just how vulnerable a candidate Claire McCaskill is,” said CFG Action Missouri President David McIntosh.  “The fact of the matter is when voters learn the truth about McCaskill and her willingness to overlook her husband’s history of abuse, they want nothing to do with her.  She’s a hypocrite who is out of touch with the people of Missouri,” concluded McIntosh.

“What this polling shows is the tremendous strength of Josh Hawley’s candidacy and his ability to consolidate Republicans, all while Claire McCaskill is losing ground in the middle,” stated CFG Action Missouri strategist Jeff Roe.  “Outside groups like CFG Action Missouri are successfully defining the thirty-year reign of Claire McCaskill and driving undecided voters away from her.  We’re lucky voters aren’t listening to what the leftist editorial boards write, and instead they are making up their own minds when it comes to who is best suited to represent Missouri,” Roe concluded.

To date CFG Action Missouri has spent over $2 million on TV and digital ads exposing Claire McCaskill’s record of putting her own interests above those of Missouri voters.

The survey was conducted for CFG Action Missouri by WPA Intelligence. WPAi conducted 501 live telephone interviews (38% cell phone) on August 12-14, 2018. The margin of error is ±4.4%.



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