CFG Action Montana Launches TV Buy Highlighting Sen. Tester’s Washington Ways



Washington, DCCFG Action Montana has launched a $600,000 television buy across Montana reminding voters just how much Washington has changed Sen. Jon Tester. The ad will run on broadcast, cable, and satellite TV across the state.

Entitled “Say What You Mean,” the ad highlights how Sen. Tester has “gone Washington” over his 12 years in the D.C. swamp. When Tester first ran, he promised Montana voters he would oppose increasing the debt limit and fight for fiscal responsibility in Washington. Twelve years later, Sen. Tester has voted to raise the national debt limit 11 times, adding trillions of dollars to the national debt. So much for fiscal responsibility.

You can watch the ad here:

“No doubt, Sen. Tester will attempt to run from his liberal record in an effort to deceive voters, but voters deserve to know the truth,” said CFG Action Montana President David McIntosh. “Over his 12 years in Washington, Sen. Tester has abandoned Montana in favor of Washington’s insider politics. Instead of forcing Congress to live within its means, Sen. Tester voted raise the national debt 11 times and sent Montana taxpayers the trillion dollar bill.”


  • In Montana, people say what they mean. But not Jon Tester.
  • When Tester first ran for Senate he attacked raising the national debt limit. 
  • VIDEO: “We’ve got to have people back in Washington, DC that are willing to live within their means. Senator Burns increased the debt limit many, many times over.” 
  • But when he moved to Washington, Tester voted to raise the national debt limit 11 times and add trillions to the national debt.
  • Jon Tester.  He’s gone Washington. 
  • CFG Action Montana is responsible for the content of this advertising 


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