Club for Growth Action Launches Ad in TX-06


Today, Club for Growth Action announced the release of a 30-second ad that will begin airing on cable throughout Texas’s 6th Congressional district. The ad highlights Ron Wright’s conservative credentials.

Upon release of the ad, Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh remarked, “Ron Wright is a conservative fighter and will be a strong advocate for President Trump. From working to make President Trump’s tax cuts permanent to fighting against career politicians, Ron Wright will be a strong conservative voice in Congress.”

To watch CFG Action’s television ad, “Wright,” click here. The transcript of the ad is included below.

Club for Growth Action
:30 TV

President Trump needs fighters in Congress to help him change Washington. He needs Ron Wright.


Wright will stand with President Trump to drain the swamp, control spending, and make Trump’s tax cuts permanent.

Wright’s a conservative outsider. So Wright supports President Trump’s effort to term limit Congress and get rid of the professional politicians in Washington.


Conservative Republican Ron Wright. For Trump. For Texas. For Congress.

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