In case you missed it, The Hill’s Tal Axelrod reported on the launch of $5 million in Club for Growth Action ads that will begin during the Democratic Convention. “In Charge” will air nationally on Fox News beginning tomorrow and on the Thursday of the GOP convention. “Drive” will begin on Friday and run in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on broadcast, cable, satellite and digitally.

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Story Excerpts: 

Club for Growth to unleash new ad blitz hitting Biden day of convention speech
The Hill, Tal Axelrod, 8/19/20

The conservative Club for Growth [Action] will roll out a new ad blitz targeting Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) Thursday, the same day the former vice president is set to give a speech accepting the Democratic Party’s 2020 nomination at its convention.

The new videos from the group, which are backed by a $5 million buy, will air both on national platforms and in the key swing states of Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and will remain up throughout the Republican National Convention next week.

Club for Growth [Action] said the two 30-second ads, obtained exclusively by The Hill, work to “highlight how Biden and Harris’ radical liberal policies will hurt the economy.” The new ad blitz builds on an initial $5 million advertising buy from earlier this month focusing on Biden’s stance on school choice that aired in the same three swing states.

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Club for Growth Action

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Joe Biden’s tax plan increases taxes by $4 trillion.




Biden’s plan will increase taxes on small business.






Biden pledged to eliminate oil and gas jobs.







Analysts estimate Biden’s election will crash stocks up to 25%.




“Biden’s plan would raise tax revenue by $3.8 trillion over the next decade on a conventional basis.” (Tax Foundation, 4/29/2020)


“Biden’s threatened repeal of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would raise taxes on small businesses by raising marginal income tax rates and eliminating the 20 percent small business deduction.” (Americans for Tax Reform, 2/20/2020)


“Republicans pounced on former Vice President Joe Biden for saying in Thursday night’s sixth Democratic presidential primary debate that he would be willing to sacrifice jobs in the oil and gas industries to transition to a green economy.” (RealClearPolitics, 12/19/2019)


“‘I don’t want to say Biden is anti-business. But we think a Biden victory puts a lot of pressure on the stock market relative to things he has been saying,” AdvisorShares CEO Noah Hamman said on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade. Hamman doesn’t disagree with one projection from a source Yahoo Finance talked with that a Biden win in November could send the stock market spiraling 25% lower.

“Says Hamman about that forecast, ‘That number doesn’t surprise me. I’m not shocked by that number. Some of it is a function of when they’re in office — what they do versus what they say they’re going to do. Right now the various Fed programs we have in place that the administration has been backing it produces liquidity for the marketplace. So if that policy is going to change a little bit, a 25% decline is not an unreasonable expectation.’” (Yahoo Finance, 7/10/2020)


Club for Growth Action

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“In Charge”


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Biden bowed to left wing pressure groups.







Kamala Harris wants to end private health insurance.


Harris and Biden back the Green New Deal, which would eliminate 10 million oil and gas jobs.
















Kamala Harris compared law enforcement to the KKK.


Biden’s allies admit she’d be the most powerful Vice President in history.


“Mr. Biden’s decision to make a big show of tapping a woman only serves to validate Mr. Trump’s critique, and the bow to left-wing pressure groups doesn’t augur well for the country under a President Biden.” (Wall Street Journal, 8/11/2020)


“Kamala Harris wants to end private health insurance” (NBC News, 1/29/2019)


“‘Climate change is an existential threat, and confronting it requires bold action. I’m a proud cosponsor of Senator Markey’s Green New Deal resolution,’ said Harris.” (Kamala D. Harris Press Release, 3/26/2019)


“Joe Biden unveils his $2T AOC-fueled Green New Deal energy agenda” (New York Post, 7/14/2020)


“The oil and gas sector also provides good jobs to working-class Americans. Oil and gas firms support over 10 million jobs across the country — the Green New Deal would eliminate nearly all these positions.” (Pacific Research Institute, 3/13/2019)


“Kamala Harris compared ICE officers to the KKK” (Washington Times, 8/11/2020)


“Biden’s Vice President Could Be the Most Powerful in History

“‘Joe Biden’s vice president will most likely be the most powerful vice president in history because the trend is toward more powerful vice presidents, Joe Biden knows the value of having a vice president with lots of responsibility, and Joe Biden is going to inherit an epic disaster,’ Dan Pfeiffer, a former Obama senior adviser and co-host of Pod Save America, told me.

“‘History tells us that consequential presidents and vice presidents come out at times where they’re tested and tried, and I can’t imagine a period of time where the president and vice president are going to be tested more than in January 2021,’ Michael Feldman, a senior adviser to former Vice President Al Gore, told me. ‘There’s just no chance that the person who he picks is not a consequential vice president or consequential historical figure. They just will be.’” (The Atlantic, 7/18/2020)