Club for Growth PAC Congratulates Greg Steube on FL-17 Win

Rachael Slobodien - August 29th, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth PAC congratulated Greg Steube on winning the Republican primary in Florida’s 17th Congressional District. With 80% of precincts reporting, Steube claimed a decisive victory with 62% of the vote.

Club for Growth PAC and Action played a pivotal role in backing conservative Greg Steube over the Establishment-backed Julio Gonzalez. Club for Growth PAC bundled over $130,000 in contributions to Steube’s campaign, and Club for Growth Action independently spent nearly $750,000 in television ads boosting Steube’s candidacy. Watch Club for Growth Action’s ads here and here.

Steube’s most well-funded opponent, Julio Gonzalez, was backed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and $310,000 in spending from moderate special-interest groups like the so-called Conservative Leadership Alliance, Defending Main Street Super PAC, and other PACs.

The FL-17 seat is a safe Republican seat in the general election with a R+13 Cook Partisan Voter Index.

“Club for Growth’s PACs were proud to play a role in Greg Steube’s victory tonight,” Club for Growth President David McIntosh said. “As a state legislator, Greg was a staunch pro-growth conservative who wasn’t afraid of taking on both parties, and his courage and principle will serve him well in Washington. We fully expect Greg to be a leader in Congress in the fight for economic freedom.”

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CFG Action Montana Launches New TV Ad Comparing Sen. Tester to Barack Obama

Rachael Slobodien - August 27th, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, CFG Action Montana launched a new ad as part of its additional $400,000 television buy in Montana. To date, CFG Action Montana has spent $1 million on a TV campaign highlighting Sen. Tester’s dishonest and liberal Washington record. The ad will run on broadcast, cable, and satellite TV.

Entitled “Twins,” the ad continues to highlight the many ways Sen. Tester has “gone Washington” over his 12 years in D.C. Sen. Tester repeated the same lies uttered by President Obama on Obamacare: “Well, let me be clear, if you like your plan, you get to keep it.” As a result of Sen. Tester’s support for Obamacare, 26,000 people in Montana lost their health care plans.

This ad is the third in a series of ads that use video clips of Tester to use his own words against him. Watch the ad here:

“Sen. Tester says one thing in Montana, and does something entirely different in Washington D.C.,” said CFG Action Montana President David McIntosh. “Over his 12 years in Washington, Sen. Tester has betrayed the people of Montana countless times, including nine votes against repealing Obamacare. Montana deserves better than two-faced Jon Tester.” (more…)

More than $1 Million Raised in Support of Greg Steube

Andrew Roth - July 13th, 2018

Washington, DC – At the end of the second quarter, outside groups supporting Army veteran Greg Steube along with the Steube campaign report raising more than $1 million for the race to succeed Rep. Tom Rooney in Florida’s 17th Congressional District. This more than doubles the amount raised by Steube’s opponent throughout the entire campaign.

The Steube campaign publicly reported raising over $337,000 during the 2nd fundraising quarter, totaling more than $400,000 for the entire campaign. Liberty and Leadership Fund and Club for Growth Action have collectively raised over $627,000 to support Steube’s campaign.

Greg Steube is a trusted conservative who has been a consistent fighter for freedom throughout his time in the Florida legislature,” said Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh. “We can count on Steube to support President Trump’s pro-growth agenda.

The financial strength of Steube’s campaign and his allies show that he is the candidate best positioned to win both the upcoming August primary and general election in November, while his opponent is struggling to even stay relevant.

Notably, Club for Growth Action has also already started buying media, reserving over $400,000 in broadcast, cable, and satellite for the upcoming August primary.


Club for Growth PAC is a political arm of the Club for Growth, a 501(c)(4).

The Club for Growth is the nation’s leading group promoting economic freedom through legislative involvement, issue advocacy, research, and education.

The Club’s website can be found at http://www.clubforgrowth.org/ 

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CFG Action Wisconsin releases Ad in Wisconsin: “Outsiders”

Rachael Slobodien - July 12th, 2018

 A new ad is reminding Wisconsin voters that “President Trump needs fighters in the Senate. Fighters like Kevin Nicholson.” The ad, paid for by CFG Action Wisconsin, is part of an initial $250,000 ad buy.

“President Trump can count on U.S. Marine veteran and conservative outsider Kevin Nicholson to help him carry out his reform agenda,” said David McIntosh, President of CFG Action Wisconsin. “Professional politicians like Leah Vukmir can’t be trusted to make the tough votes needed to Make America Great Again.”

To watch CFG Action Wisconsin’s TV ad, “Outsiders” see below:

Transcripts of the TV ad is also provided below.


Club for Growth Action Releases TV Ad in SC-04

Rachael Slobodien - June 05th, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth Action announced the release of a new ad campaign highlighting the anti-Trump statements of two Republican candidates running for Congress in South Carolina’s fourth district. The ad points out that before they were running for Congress, William Timmons and Dan Hamilton were very critical of Donald Trump.  This ad buy exceeds $300,000 and includes digital, broadcast, and cable ads running throughout South Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District.

“If you want an indication of what someone really thinks about President Trump, look at what they said before they announced their run for Congress,” stated Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh.  “Regardless of what they say now, both William Timmons and Dan Hamilton revealed their true colors about what they think about President Trump, and it’s time for South Carolina voters to know the truth.

“President Trump needs allies in Congress.  When William Timmons and Dan Hamilton had the chance to be supportive of President Trump and his policies, they did the opposite.  It’s no wonder then that while President Trump was working to lower taxes on all Americans, William Timmons supported tax increases in South Carolina.  And instead of fighting for reduced spending, time and time again, Dan Hamilton has voted for millions of dollars in earmarks and wasteful spending.”

To view Club for Growth Action’s TV ad, “In Their Own Words,”  click here.

A transcript of the TV ad is also provided below. (more…)