Club for Growth Action Releases Ads in TX-05


Washington, DC – Today Club for Growth Action, a political arm of the Club for Growth, announced the release of a 30-second television ad that began airing today on cable television in Texas’s 5th Congressional District.  

Club for Growth Action’s new ad, “Bad Bet,” highlights the voting histories of Lance Gooden and Kenneth Sheets, which reveal their strong proclivity for raising taxes.

To watch CFG Action’s ad, click here.  The transcript of the 30-second ad can also be found below.


Club for Growth Action
TV: 30


Bad Bet


Lance Gooden and Ken Sheets are two of a kind when it comes to raisin’ taxes.


In Austin, Gooden repeatedly voted for higher taxes and wanted to make it easier to boost property taxes.


And Sheets even voted to tax ‘ya on stuff you buy on the internet.  Woulda cost Texas families millions.


So, if you back Trump on cuttin’ taxes, don’t bet on this pair longtime politicians.


Gooden and Sheets: Too taxing.


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