Club for Growth Action Releases Radio Ad in SC-04


Today, Club for Growth Action announced the release of a radio ad highlighting the negative statements two Republican candidates running for Congress in South Carolina’s fourth district, William Timmons and Dan Hamilton, have made about President Trump.

Upon release of the radio ad, Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh noted, “President Trump needs allies in Congress. Unfortunately, both William Timmons and Dan Hamilton’s previous statements about President Trump demonstrate they will not be reliable advocates to advance President Trump’s policies in Congress.

“President Trump has fought hard to lower taxes, while William Timmons has voted to increase taxes. President Trump is trying to reduce spending, but Dan Hamilton has voted for millions of dollars in earmarks and wasteful spending. Furthermore, Dan Hamilton’s biggest financial backers are the Realtors who spent millions of dollars opposing President Trump’s tax reform bill.”

To listen to Club for Growth Action’s radio ad, “Cousin Floyd,” click here.

A transcript of the radio ad is also provided below.


Club for Growth Action

:60 Radio

Cousin Floyd


Earl: Floyd, you keep up on political news, don’t cha?

Floyd: Well, long time ‘til college football, Earl. Gotta follow somethin’.

E: Ok, did ‘ya see where William Timmons attacked Trump?   Says here – – quotin’ Timmons no less – – “I absolutely have major issues with many things Trump does.”

F: Yep. Major issues with Trump. That’s Timmons.

E: Didn’t he also say he wasn’t sure Trump was a Republican?

F: Did not. That was Dan Hamilton.

E: What?

F: We got two Trump-trashers running for Congress. Timmons AND Hamilton. Hamilton said he wasn’t sure Trump was a Republican. Not HIS kind of Republican, he said.

E: Do tell.

F: Yep, Hamilton even said he loathed Trump. Loathed. That means he didn’t like him, Earl, like a lot.

E: I know that, Floyd. And I know this: If Timmons and Hamilton wanna talk like liberals about President Trump, we don’t need either one of ‘em in Congress.

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