Club for Growth Action to Oppose Renee Ellmers (NC-02)


“CFG Action wants to be sure voters in NC-02 know that Renee Ellmers is betraying their conservative values.”

Washington, DC – Club for Growth Action, a political arm of the Club for Growth, today announced that it would actively oppose Renee Ellmers for the U.S. House from North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. The district’s boundaries have been changed due to court-ordered redistricting, and she is being challenged by Congressman George Holding (NC-13) and physician Greg Brannon.

“Renee Ellmers first ran as a Tea-Party conservative, but has become an establishment liberal in Washington,” said Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh. “With a lifetime Club for Growth vote rating of 60% and a 2015 score of 57%, Ellmers is clearly betraying the conservative values of her constituents. Just last year she voted for a trillion-dollar omnibus bill that broke spending caps Congress had imposed on itself, and she actively supports the corrupt cronyism of the Export-Import Bank. Since so many of the voters in NC-02 are new to the district, CFG Action wants to be sure they know that Renee Ellmers is a big-government liberal.”

Note: In February, before the new court-ordered district boundaries, Club for Growth Action ran the following ad against Ellmers:


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