Club for Growth Action Unveils New Ad in NC-13


Today, Club for Growth Action announced the release of a 30-second ad that highlights liberal Kathy Manning’s past campaign contributions to Democrats.  The ad will begin airing on broadcast stations across North Carolina’s 13th district and is part of a $200,000 ad buy.

Entitled, “Flock of Liberals,” the ad exposes Kathy Manning as a liberal elite who does not represent the values of North Carolina’s voters.

Upon release of the ad, Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh noted, “Kathy Manning is a liberal’s liberal, and it’s no wonder she’s been recognized as a top Democrat donor in North Carolina.  If you’re wondering whose interests Kathy Manning will represent in Congress, look no further than her past political contributions.  She’s spent her adult life as a loyal contributor to Democrats, and her donations range from Nancy Pelosi to Hillary Clinton and every far-left politician in between.”

You can watch the ad here.  You will also find a transcript of the ad below.

Flock of Liberals

TV: 30

Birds of a feather flock together.

Multi-millionaire Kathy Manning has written hundreds of thousands in campaign checks to:

Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, and oh so many more liberals.

The Triangle Business Journal reports Greensboro’s own Kathy Manning is one of North Carolina’s most powerful Democrat donors.

Kathy Manning: So rich, she can afford to be liberal.

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