Club for Growth Action Unveils New Ad in VA-05 Race


Today, Club for Growth Action released a 30-second ad that exposes Democrat Leslie Cockburn’s extravagant lifestyle in Washington, DC.  This ad will begin airing on cable and broadcast networks in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District and is part of a $350,000 ad buy.

Upon release of the ad, Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh noted, “Cockburn wants Virginians to think she’s a country farmer, but the truth is she has a multimillion-dollar home in Georgetown.  And that’s just the beginning of her liberal elitism.  Virginia’s 5th district deserves better than liberal Leslie Cockburn.”

You can watch the ad here.  You will also find a transcript of the ad below.


:30 TV

Who is Leslie Cockburn?

Well, she pretends to be a local farmer, but Cockburn is really a Washington, DC socialite with a $2 million mansion in Georgetown.

She is a regular in the Washington social pages.

Cockburn doesn’t mention that she’s a very liberal Democrat or that she is funded by political pals of Nancy Pelosi.

When Leslie Cockburn pretends she’s anything but a trendy, DC liberal, that’s a lot of bull.

Club for Growth Action is responsible for the content of this advertising.