WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Club for Growth today announced Defender of Economic Freedom awards for Virginia legislators — 3 House members and zero Senators — whose voting records distinguished them as champions of economic liberty for their high score on the new Club for Growth Foundation 2020 Virginia State Legislative Scorecard.

Elected officials who, on the Foundation’s scorecard, score 90% or better in a given calendar year and maintain lifetime scores of 90% or better are recognized by the Club for Growth as Defenders of Economic Freedom. In Virginia, for 2020, State House legislators Amanda Batten, Mark Cole, and Nicholas Freitas, received this award.

The Club for Growth is looking at how state legislatures perform in terms of pro-growth policies, and we are recognizing the best pro-growth voting records in Virginia,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “We believe that this scorecard will help inform citizens and entrepreneurs about who supports the policies that are good for economic prosperity.”

Key Takeaways on Virginia’s 2020 Scorecard:

Virginia Senate

  • Average Republican Score: 65%
  • Average Democrat Score: 6%
  • Highest Rated Republican: Sen. Amanda Chase, Sen. Ryan McDougle, Sen. Mark Obenshain, Sen. David Suetterlein, all at 73%
  • Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. Jill Vogel, 47%
  • Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. Jeremy McPike and Sen. Chap Petersen, both at 7%
  • Lowest Rated Democrats: Several at 5%

Virginia House

  • Average Republican Score: 72%
  • Average Democrat Score: 5%
  • Highest Rated Republicans: Del. Mark Cole, 99%
  • Lowest Rated Republican: Del. Glenn Davis, 53%
  • Highest Rated Democrat: Del. Lee Carter, 24%
  • Lowest Rated Democrats: Several with 0%