Club for Growth: Bye Bye BAT


Washington, DCClub for Growth Vice President Andy Roth offered the following statement in response to the news that a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) would not be included in the tax reform principles the White House and GOP Congressional leaders unveiled today.  Club for Growth played an instrumental role in influencing the BAT debate and ensuring its ultimate demise.  Earlier this year, Club for Growth spent nearly $700,000 on ad buys urging Republican Members of Congress to oppose the BAT. Links to these ads are included at the bottom of this release.

Club for Growth Vice President Andy Roth remarked:

“Today is a great day for the American taxpayer.  From the get-go, Club for Growth led efforts to inform the public of the harmful economic impacts a BAT would cause.

“Talk of a BAT had quieted as Congress began realizing – in part because of the attention Club for Growth brought to the issue – the harm a BAT would wreak on our nation’s economy and the pocketbooks of hardworking Americans.  But until today’s announcement, the BAT was lurking in the shadows ready to rear its ugly head.

“As Club for Growth President David McIntosh remarked earlier this summer, ‘we should kill the BAT, bury it, and give it a funeral.’ Well, we’re pleased today to do exactly that. In fact, we’ll lead the procession.

“Now that the BAT is dead and buried, we look forward to working with congressional leaders and the White House to push for pro-growth tax reform.  The Club strongly supports lower tax rates for individuals and businesses, lower taxes on capital, and a simplified tax code that supercharges the economy.”

The ads ran in the following districts and can be viewed by clicking the links below.