Club for Growth Calls On House and Senate to Reject Irresponsible Omnibus Appropriations Bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Club for Growth calls on the Senate to join House Republicans in rejecting an Omnibus appropriations bill for the following main reasons:

  • Passing a bill this month undercuts the new House Majority, which was just elected by the People.
  • Congress has never passed an Omnibus during a Lame Duck session of Congress when a Majority has changed parties.
  • The negotiators of the agreement continue to hide important information on their agreement, including the top-line spending levels, from the rank and fileMembers of Congress and the American People.
  • No amendments will be permitted from Senators or Representatives. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will fill the Amendment Tree and block all Senate amendments. Moreover, the legislation will be considered in the House of Representatives under a closed rule, which will prevent House Republicans and all Members from offering any amendments.

“Once again, a massive Washington backroom deal has been brokered while the details are being mischievously hidden from the American People,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “Through historic inflation, decreased wages, decreased savings, decreased investment, and a very fragile economy – American taxpayers will again be forced to foot the bill for irresponsible spending in the DC Swamp, which includes countless earmarks that will be included in the Omnibus as political favors for Senators and Representatives. This bill would trigger a reversal in the improvement on inflation and therefore it is very dangerous economic policy,” McIntosh concluded.

Club for Growth commends Senators Mike Lee, Rick Scott, Ron Johnson, and Mike Braun for presenting a reasonable two-month CR. We strongly encourage all Senators to object to any unanimous consent agreements related to the Omnibus or a one-week CR, and to vote NO on a one-week CR and Omnibus appropriations bill should the bill receive a vote in the Senate or House. Instead, Congress should responsibly fund government with a short-term Constitution Resolution (CR) that funds government at current levels into the early weeks of 2023 in order to allow for the new House Republican Majority to represent the will of voters that placed them in power in November in new negotiations in order to fund the federal government in 2023.