Club for Growth & Conservative Groups Ask Sen. Marshall Why He Is Siding With Radical Sen. Warren On Digital Assets


Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth, along with Americans for Tax Reform and FreedomWorks, issued a letter to Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS), urging him to rethink his decision to partner with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) in their approach to regulating digital assets. If successful, these new radical regulations supported by Sen. Marshall, would severely harm investment in the United States.

“The evolution of Bitcoin and other digital assets have created incredible opportunities for many Americans to gain access to wealth, especially those in underserved communities,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “Free markets have allowed the United States to thrive for generations. We oppose any attempt to restrict economic growth and harm innovation for future Americans.”


Click here to read the full letter sent to Sen. Marshall.

Click here to read the exclusive report in “The Block” by Stephanie Murray.



Club for Growth is extremely disappointed in your effort to attack digital asset companies, working with Senators like Elizabeth Warren and Chris Van Hollen, two leaders who have long track records limiting economic freedom.

Regulation stifles investment in America. It creates a government system that picks winners and losers in the marketplace and it creates new barriers to entry. Further, this approach only incentivizes industry to offshore their work, sending American jobs overseas. If your concern, as you have stated, is about the security of Americans we’re puzzled why you would engage in efforts that are likely to encourage digital assets companies to move outside of the U.S.’s jurisdiction.

American ingenuity should be celebrated, not demagogued. Digital asset companies are modernizing our financial system by introducing new technologies and innovating a stagnant industry. Millions of Americans hold digital assets and they should not be punished because of Washington’s long history of serving the banking lobby.

Sadly, your position aligns with the political oligarchy removing opportunity from the Middle Class and consolidating power away from people, especially minorities and underserved citizens. We urge you to consider how your actions impact individual investors and we welcome the opportunity to further discuss these concerns.