Club for Growth Foundation Issues State Legislative Scorecards In Missouri & Texas


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Club for Growth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on educating the public about the value of free markets, pro-growth policies, and economic prosperity, has released 2019 Legislative Scorecards for Missouri and Texas. The organization has also released scorecards for FloridaNew MexicoTennessee, and Virginia as part of a new initiative.

“The Club for Growth Foundation’s Congressional Scorecard is already the gold-standard in publishing the voting records of Senators and Members of the U.S. House of Representatives on economic legislation, and the State Legislative Scorecards will help educate citizens about which elected officials are champions of pro-growth policies at the state level.” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

Elected officials who scored 90% or better in a given calendar year and also had lifetime scores of 90% or better are recognized as Defenders of Economic Freedom by the Club for Growth. Only four elected state officials in Missouri were recognized as Defenders of Economic Freedom: State Senators Eric Burlinson, Bill Eigel, and Andrew Koenig and Representative Tony Lovasco. Only two elected state officials in Texas were recognized as Defenders of Economic Freedom: State Senator Bob Hall and Representative Jonathan Stickland of Texas.

Key takeaways from each Scorecard follow.

Key Takeaways –Missouri 2019 State Legislative Scorecard

  • Missouri Senate
    • 3 Missouri State Senators Were Recognized As Defenders Of Economic Freedom
    • 24 Republicans & 10 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 55%
    • Average Democrat Score: 28%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Sen. Eric Burlison
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. Dan Hegeman
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. Jill Schupp
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Sen. S. Kiki Curis
  • Missouri House
    • 1 Missouri State Representative Was Recognized As A Defender Of Economic Freedom
    • 113 Republicans & 45 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 54%
    • Average Democrat Score: 44%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Rep. Tony Lovasco
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Rep. Nate Tate
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Rep. Tracy McCreery
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Rep. Bob Burns

Key Takeaways – Texas 2019 State Legislative Scorecard

  •  Texas Senate
    • 1 Texas State Senator Was Recognized As A Defender Of Economic Freedom
    • 19 Republicans & 12 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 80%
    • Average Democrat Score: 30%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Sen. Bob Hall
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. Kel Seliger
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. Juan Hinojosa
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Sen. Jose Menendez
  • Texas House
    • 1 Texas Representative Was Recognized As A Defender Of Economic Freedom
    • 83 Republicans & 67 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 63%
    • Average Democrat Score: 20%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Rep. Jonathan Stickland
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Rep. Sarah Davis
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Rep. Alex Dominguez
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Rep. Roland Gutierrez