Club for Growth, Heritage Action Oppose Debt and Budget Deal


Washington – Late Monday night, the House Rules Committee released text of a massive deal that would  increase the debt ceiling by at least $1.5 trillion and increase spending by at least $80 billion over the next two years in exchange for promises of spending reductions in the last few years of the ten-year budget window. The zombie budget deal will also include a number of other provisions of concern. Club for Growth President David McIntosh and Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham issued a joint statement:


“This budget and debt deal is being brokered by a lame duck speaker and a lame duck president.  It represents the very worst of Washington – a last minute deal that increases spending and debt under the auspices of fiscal responsibility. If this deal moves forward, it will undermine efforts to unite the party by those promising to advance serious policy reforms.


“The House should work to empower a new speaker to preserve the spending caps and fight for serious reforms contained in the budget.  Heritage Action and the Club for Growth call on Chairman Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise to stop this zombie budget deal.”


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