Club for Growth Launches Michigan Ad On Gov. Whitmer’s Expected Veto Of School Choice Legislation


Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth is announcing the launch of a new TV ad in Michigan highlighting the recently passed school choice legislation that is expected to be vetoed by Governor Whitmer. The ad will run from Thursday, October 28 through Friday, October, 29 on CNN, and on Saturday, October 30, the ad will air on ESPN and FOX around coverage of the University of Michigan versus Michigan State football game.

The ad directs viewers to visit and call Gov. Whitmer’s office to ask her to sign the bill.

“Education tax dollars should follow the student rather than the bureaucracy, and the Michigan bill would have done that as many other states have. Unfortunately for Michigan parents, Gov. Whitmer is putting her political alliances and bureaucrats above students with her veto. The radical liberal vision for education in America involves removing parents from the equation and blindly funding monopolies that are too often failing our children. Taxpayers deserve to know what’s happening with their money and Michigan children deserve far better.” – David McIntosh, Club for Growth President

Click here to watch the ad.