Club for Growth Launches New Ad in Missouri


Today, Club for Growth launched a new digital ad urging Sen. Claire McCaskill’s to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Upon release of the ad, Club for Growth President David McIntosh stated, “Judge Kavanaugh would be a tremendous advocate for the Constitution and limited government.  As Claire McCaskill meets with Judge Kavanaugh tomorrow, we encourage her constituents to call her offices and urge her to support his nomination to the Supreme Court.”

The ad can be viewed online here, and a transcript is included below.


Club for Growth
:30 Digital

  • The clock’s ticking for Claire McCaskill…
  • Weeks after President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, McCaskill won’t say how she’ll vote.
  • But when Obama was president, McCaskill supported his liberal Supreme Court picks without hesitation – endorsing both within hours.
  • But now, Claire’s clammed up.
  • Same as she did with Gorsuch, McCaskill’s refusing to back a qualified, respected judge simply because Trump’s president.
  • Tell McCaskill, Missouri comes first – not politics.