Club for Growth Launches New Ad Thanking Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) for Voting Against Democrats’ $3 Trillion Tax Hike


Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth launched a new ad thanking Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) for being the only Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee to vote against Democrats’ $3 trillion tax hike.

The ad follows Club for Growth’s recent launch of TV advertisements in 10 congressional districts focusing on out-of-control spending, inflation, and the $3 trillion tax increase proposed by Biden and the Democrats in the reconciliation bill.

“Rep. Stephanie Murphy did the right thing—she listened to her constituents who don’t want higher taxes, especially when they are already paying higher prices for gas, groceries, and other goods because of Democrats’ failed policies,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

Recent Club for Growth PAC polling found 55% of voters oppose tax increases and want middle-class tax cuts to be permanent.

Click here to watch the new ad, “Boss.”

Click here to read Club for Growth PAC’s poll memo.