Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth PAC announced the endorsement of Chris Putnam for the Republican primary in the 12th Congressional District of Texas against big-spending incumbent Rep. Key Granger. On the Club for Growth Foundation legislative scorecard, Granger has a 68% lifetime rating and scored 50% in 2018.

“Club for Growth PAC is endorsing Chris Putnam, a pro-growth, principled conservative with a successful record in business, against Rep. Kay Granger in the Republican primary in 12th Congressional District of Texas,” said David McIntosh, President of Club for Growth PAC. “Granger, a 12-term U.S.  Representative, has recklessly voted for out-of-control deficit-spending, backroom bloated budget deals, and debt limit increases, as well as her pet-project of Panther Island while also opposing responsible spending cuts – voters deserve a fiscal conservative with a voting record to match.”

Club for Growth PACs support conservatives in key elections across the country. In 2018, Club for Growth PACs won 85% races in the election while maintaining 8.9% overhead.