Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth PAC announced the endorsement of Rep. Thomas Massie for the 4th Congressional District of Kentucky. Massie has a 93% lifetime rating on the Club for Growth Foundation (CFGF) legislative scorecard, and he has received the Club for Growth’s Defender of Economic Freedom Award 6 times.

“Rep. Thomas Massie is a steadfast pro-growth conservative who consistently supports the policies that grow our economy and opportunities for all Americans,” said David McIntosh, President of Club for Growth PAC. “It’s unfortunate that Todd McMurtry, who has inappropriately questioned President Trump on a number of issues including his intelligence and masculinity, wants to oust one of the most principled conservatives for his own personal gain.”

Club for Growth PACs support conservatives in key elections across the country. In 2018, Club for Growth PACs won 85% races in the election while maintaining 8.9% overhead.