Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth PAC launched “The Goal Is Control” campaign ahead of last night’s Democratic presidential debate highlighting the dangers of the growing socialist movement in the Democratic Party. At the centerpiece of the campaign are six videos and a call to action asking viewers to sign a petition calling on these Democrats to stop supporting socialism and stop trying to control our lives.

“Socialists want your money, your car, your cheeseburgers, and now they want to control elections with impeachment because they think they know better than the American people,” said David McIntosh, Club for Growth PAC President. “The goal is not efficiency or prosperity. These power-hungry Socialists dream of a world where the people are controlled by the State, but Club for Growth PAC and conservatives across the country are working hard to make sure we send them a message on Election Day to get out of our lives.”

Breitbart’s Sean Moran published an exclusive report on the launch of “The Goal Is Control.”

Read the online petition.

Watch the 6 videos.