Club for Growth Praises President Trump’s SCOTUS Pick


Washington, DC – Club for Growth President David McIntosh today praised President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left by Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement.

“The Supreme Court will rule on many important economic and regulatory issues as well as the continued protection of political free speech as it did in cases like Citizens UnitedJudge Brett Kavanaugh is a superbly qualified choice with a proven commitment to conservative constitutional jurisprudence”, McIntosh said.

“President Trump has demonstrated his commitment to economic conservatism and the Constitution with his nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh today, just as he did last year with his nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch. This decision will reverberate for decades to come, as the Supreme Court considers cases relating to fundamental freedoms and the role of government in our society. President Trump’s legacy of Supreme Court nominees will be heralded for a long time. We urge the U.S. Senate to move quickly to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.”


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