Club for Growth Releases New Ad Hitting the Biden/Trump Plan to Cut Social Security


Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth has issued a new ad hitting the Trump/Biden plan to do nothing about the coming Social Security crisis. Under the current law, there will be an automatic 23% cut to Social Security payments within the next 10 years if the program remains unchanged. Michael Ginsberg from the Daily Caller wrote an exclusive report covering the ad. 

“Both President Biden and former President Trump are clearly missing the ball when it comes to their approach on Social Security,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “While promising not to touch Social Security may sound like a good message, the reality is doing nothing is not an option and will slash the benefits of millions of Americans.” 

Click here to watch the full ad, Promise, from Club for Growth. 

Click here to read the exclusive report from the Daily Caller. 

Click here to read an OpEd from David McIntosh outlining the automatic cuts to Social Security published in the Wall Street Journal.