Club for Growth Releases New Ad & White Paper On Judge Barrett And Economic Liberty


Club for Growth announced the release of a new digital advertisement and a white paper on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s record on economic liberty with a specific focus on administrative deference. Like the previous Club for Growth ads, the new one, “Knows Best,” points viewers to the website and asks them to contact their Senator and ask them to support the nomination of Judge Barrett. For questions or to book media, please contact Joe Kildea at [email protected].


Watch the new ad, “Knows Best”

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  • Click here to read Club for Growth President David Mcintosh’s FOX Business OpEd.

Judge Barrett will be a practical, pro-growth Justice that is willing to discard administrative action when necessary. She will interpret the law through the Constitution, and she will not legislate from the bench.

Perhaps the strongest indicator of a Judge Barrett’s economic jurisprudence is the Clean Water Act case, Orchard Hill Building Co. v. United States Army Corps of Engineers. This case involved the Army Corps of Engineers designating a body on a wetland as waters of the United States and as protected under federal law, so a real estate firm was prevented from developing the land. The Majority wrote that the Army Corp of Engineers failed to provide sufficient evidence that the designation was in fact protected under federal law, which requires a nexus to a navigable water. But the wetland was not within the nexus and was 11 miles away from the nearest navigable body of water. The Court refused to give the Army Corp and Environmental Protection Agency deference on the designation because it was not made on reasonable grounds.

Barrett is a Constitutionalist and the U.S. Constitution is the foundation for a strong economy. The Founding Fathers knew that is was important to have a government that fundamentally protected against tyranny, while protecting unalienable rights and ensuring the safety and security of the People. This includes economic security. Through this idea, the United States has built the greatest economy in the history of mankind.