Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth issued the following statement in response to the Senate passage of the “infrastructure” bill.

“The fact is the so-called infrastructure bill will be an enormous liability to everyone who voted for it, not just Republicans,” said David McIntosh, Club for Growth President. “A majority of Democrat voters want tax and regulatory relief, a plurality want a balanced budget amendment and to end deficit spending, and the numbers are even stronger among Republicans. Meanwhile in Washington, liberals and moderate Republicans are trying to sell what amounts to a climate bill with $50 billion more in taxes including a new mileage tax, spending we can’t afford, and even more regulations.”

According to a Congressional Budget Office analysis, the federal government will collect almost $50 billion in new revenue.

According to recent Club for Growth polling.

  • 72% of voters and 61% of Democrats think high taxes are a problem; only 21% of Democrats believe high taxes are not a problem.
  • A total of 64% of voters support, “Ending continuous deficit spending, and requiring that the federal budget be balanced.” A total of 13% oppose. The statement is supported by 49% of Democrats and opposed by 24% of Democrats.
  • A total of 60% of voters support, “Reducing traffic by making it easier to repair our roads, bridges, and airports by speeding up environmental impact reviews that are often used to delay projects for years and eliminating requirements that force the federal government to often pay higher labor costs than private companies or state and local governments.” A total of 13% oppose. The statement is supported by 55% of Democrats and opposed by 19% of Democrats.