Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth today announced that the National Campaign for Parental School Choice is beginning in New Hampshire on August 31. The nationwide campaign comes amidst parental concerns surrounding school reopenings in the wake of the pandemic, the growing number of failing public school systems, and far left political agendas being pushed in numerous school districts around the nation. The initiative will promote awareness and enhance support for parental school choice as an education option for parents and families struggling to find the best schools for their children.

Tickets are available online.

According to Club for Growth President David McIntosh, “Families all over the nation are looking to provide their children with an exceptional education. Expanding parental school choice would allow Americans from all walks of life to access the best available schools and programs. Club for Growth’s tour will increase awareness about this important issue while highlighting successful parental school choice programs in states like New Hampshire and Florida. Most Americans support parental school choice, and this campaign will ensure that momentum is not lost in the coming weeks and months.”

The Club for Growth is partnering with prominent national conservative leaders to promote parental school choice. Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will be joining the tour to discuss her time at the Education Department and the need to push for more parental school choice.

Secretary DeVos said, “Education freedom is the future.  Students desperately need it, and parents across the country are demanding it. After enduring more than a year of union-driven school lockdowns, parents are more aware than ever before that their kids need the freedom, flexibility and individualized education experience school choice provides. I’m pleased to join this campaign to continue to build on the incredible momentum behind school choice across America. We won’t rest until every child has an equal opportunity to access a world-class education.”

Many other distinguished conservative voices are joining the campaign, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who will attend the August forum in New Hampshire, and  said, “Promoting parental school choice is crucial for the future of America. America is built on freedom and accountability, and growing parental school choice will help bring these ideals into education.”