FORE: Club for Growth Tees Off On Biden/Trump Social Security Plan In New Golf Ad During LIV Tournament


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Club for Growth has released a new golf themed ad slamming the Biden/Trump plan to leave Social Security untouched, leading to a 23% cut in benefits in 10 years. Aaron Navarro of CBS News published an exclusive report on the announcement. The ad will run on The CW in the DC market during the LIV golf tournament this weekend at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, and it will also be placed on digital networks geofenced around the golf course.

Click here to watch the full ad, Cheating, from Club for Growth.

Click here to watch, Promise, an earlier Club for Growth ad highlighting the Biden/Trump plan to cut Social Security.

Click here to view a print ad by Club for Growth that ran in the Wall Street Journal and Palm Beach Post on the Biden/Trump plan.

Click here to read the Wall Street Journal OpEd from Club for Growth President David McIntosh.



The Trump plan for Social Security… is no practice swing.

His plan—same as Joe Biden’s—would club seniors with automatic benefits cuts — 23% in ten years or less.

Putting your retirement in a rough spot.

With Donald Trump, it’s par for the course. Another plan that cheats  people out of what they earned.

People who worked for it, but won’t get it — if Trump’s plan sinks 23% of their savings.