ICYMI: Club for Growth President David McIntosh Joins Fox Business to Discuss US Economy Ahead of State of the Union Address


Washington, D.C. – In case you missed it, Club for Growth President David McIntosh joined Fox Business’ Morning’s with Maria to discuss the state of the US economy ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union address and offered three ways the Biden Administration can grow the economy.

“There are three things they (the Biden Administration) should do: 1.) Eliminate the wasteful spending so you don’t have inflation pressure. That’ll make it easier for the federal reserve to start lowering interest rates, which will help grow the economy. 2.) Ease up on the regulations. They (the Biden Administration) put more regulations in over two years than what President Trump was able to get rid of in four years. That hurts business, makes employment difficult, and would stimulate growth if they ease up on the federal heavy hand of regulation. 3.) They should look at some selective tax cuts that would spur growth. Those that would incentivize American companies to build more plants here, to produce more in the United States, and create more jobs.” – Club for Growth President David McIntosh

Click here to watch the full interview from Fox Business.

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