ICYMI: Club For Growth’s David McIntosh Appears on Meet The Press


Club for Growth President and former Indiana Congressman David McIntosh appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, August 26, 2019, and he debated former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld and discussed trade and the strong economy under President Trump’s policies of lower taxes and fewer regulations.


Key Excerpts:

McINTOSH: “President Trump has governed as a free-market conservative, cutting taxes, trying to get rid of Obamacare, deregulating the oil and energy industry, deregulating the internet. And it’s working. The economy is still at 2 and a half, three percent growth. That’s a reversal from his predecessor. Unemployment, it’s the lowest rate ever, and you see more and more people entering the workplace and getting higher-paying jobs.”

McINTOSH: “And what we like about President Trump’s vision on trade is his goal of zero-zero tariffs. We support that strongly. And I kind of have come to recognize, these tariffs are his way of forcing the Chinese to come to the table. They’re costly. And we want them to go away. But he’s using them to get to that ultimate goal of zero-zero tariffs.”

McINTOSH: “I think the key thing, for Donald Trump, is to show that he’s got a vision for the second term and to continue with another round of tax cuts. He’s deciding which way he wants to go on that. We’re going to urge one that is for small businesses, to give the passthroughs the same tax break the corporate guys got.”