WASHINGTON, D.C. – Since issuing policies and polling on “Reigniting the Economy and Restoring Jobs Through Regulatory Relief,” news outlets across the country have reported on the Club for Growth proposal.

For small businesses, who create most of the new jobs in the US, the cost per employee averages out to be $15,003. By reducing unnecessary paperwork, permitting requirements, and other regulations that add costs or slow economic growth and job creation, the Congress and Administrative agencies can greatly accelerate the recovery, allowing businesses to create more jobs, and restore full employment rates.

Read some of the coverage below:

Fox News: “Conservative organization Club for Growth is calling on Congress and President Trump to temporarily roll back federal regulations that impose costs on businesses as a strategy to help the U.S. economy recover from the coronavirus crisis that has left businesses shuttered and millions without jobs. Club for Growth advocates a two-pronged approach in its proposal released on Wednesday, which would see Trump issue an executive order suspending penalties for businesses that fail to meet regulatory standards despite making an effort to follow them. The group would also have Congress pass a bill giving the president the authority ‘to suspend or reduce Federal regulations and paperwork requirements.’”

Real Clear Politics: “McIntosh said the Club for Growth and others will work to overturn the neutrality language in any Phase 4 stimulus or relief bill aimed at further shoring up the economy. The Club for Growth is also lobbying Trump to sign an executive action that would suspend a number of federal rules that could make it harder for businesses to start up and rehire employees. The Office of Management and Budget would review the suggested list of regulations and determine how many to suspend until the coronavirus crisis is over, McIntosh explained.”

NY Times: “’The government needs to start looking at how we can quickly begin to reopen the economy in stages and communicate that plan, but it’s also vital that states and the federal government reduce the excessive regulatory burden to reignite the economy when we get back to work,’ said David McIntosh, the president of the Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group.”

USA Today – “Some groups said the reopening needs to be accompanied by a reduction of regulations for businesses. ‘It’s clear that we need a plan to reopen the economy quickly that balances health and financial concerns, but just as important, we need to suspend or remove many of the costly regulations to reignite the economy when we get back to work,’ said David McIntosh, president of the Club for Growth.”

Bloomberg Law – “David McIntosh, president of Club for Growth, said in an April 8 interview with Bloomberg News that the next major virus-relief bill passed on Capitol Hill should include new authority to allow Trump to bypass lengthy rulemaking processes required by the Administrative Procedure Act.”