ICYMI: Fox News – McCarthy ‘Biggest Loser’ in House Infrastructure vote, says David McIntosh


WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, Club for Growth President David McIntosh was a guest on Fox News @ Night on November 5, castigating 13 Republican House Members whose votes allowed the Democrats to pass their enormous $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill in the face of certain defeat. McIntosh also took to task Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for failing to exert the leadership necessary to prevent the defections.

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  • Click here to see polling numbers that show that even Democrats should have opposed Biden’s massive tax and spend social legislation.

Fox News Excerpts:

“This is another big deficit debt spending bill and Americans don’t like it.”

“The big loser tonight is actually Kevin McCarthy who couldn’t control his Republicans. He gave Joe Biden the biggest win so far of his presidency in passing this bill.”

“You’re going to see more and more Democrats become vulnerable. … We’re going to see 60-some House seats come under attack because they voted for this spending. They voted for more debt, therefore more inflation, and polls show the majority of Americans do not like these bills. Pelosi jammed it down their throat.”

“Manchin and the moderates are trying to save the Democratic Party; but what Nancy Pelosi did is open the floodgates to pass the bill that most Americans don’t want passed. In the end, the progressives may not get everything they want, but they’re going to get a huge tax increase and spending if they continue down this path. And Manchin will have tried, but unless he can stop it in the Senate, will not be able to save them.”