WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, Club for Growth President David McIntosh authored an OpEd today in RealClearPolitics on cutting red tape to encourage economic growth following coronavirus that praised President Trump’s recent Executive Order on regulatory relief. The Hill’s Rachel Frazin as well as The Washington Times’ Dave Boyer also reported yesterday on Club for Growth’s past and ongoing work to cut red tape to encourage rapid economic growth and rehiring.

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OpEd Excerpts

Trump’s Deregulation Efforts Pave Way for Economic Recovery

By David McIntosh, RealClear Politics, 5/28/20

Igniting an economic comeback is the federal government’s most important job now that efforts to flatten the curve and support medical workers have succeeded. President Trump recently released his Executive Order on Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery, empowering federal agencies to remove red tape to help businesses quickly and safely recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal agencies have taken over 600 deregulatory actions in response to the pandemic, and more deregulation is needed as we enter a new phase of our response. With over 36 million  Americans unemployed and experts predicting the economy may  shrink  by 40% in the second quarter, Congress and the president need to pass policies allowing Americans to quickly get back to work without having to jump through pointless hoops.

In many cases, the government should extend or expand existing deregulatory efforts, like  allowing  hospitals to increase the number of beds without government permission. Congress should also pass a bill allowing President Trump to temporarily eliminate regulations he deems burdensome. Finally, the application process for infrastructure projects needs to be expedited to encourage investment and a quick economic rebound.

A vast majority of Americans back these deregulatory efforts because they know useless regulations impede growth. Polling shows that 66% of Americans support giving President Trump extended deregulatory powers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 74% believe the permitting process for infrastructure projects should be simplified.

The U.S. economy can and will recover. Before the lockdown, our economy was among the strongest in the world. Employing free-market policies – fiscal restraint, free trade, protection from frivolous lawsuits, and cutting red tape – will be key to future prosperity.   President Trump’s executive order is a crucial step toward achieving an economic rebound. As the president and congressional Republicans pursue deregulation, Democrats will hopefully cooperate to pass popular legislation spurring economic revival.

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