ICYMI: New School Freedom Fund Ads Launch in Texas State House Races


Washington, D.C. – In case you missed it, School Freedom Fund, which is allied with Club for Growth Action, launched new ads in two Texas state house races.

The ads highlight how state Rep. Kyle Kacal (HD-12) is the “most liberal Republican in the Texas House” and how Glenn Rogers’ (HD-60) is “beholden to education union bosses.”

The HD-12 ad is backed by $219,710 on Fox News and radio districtwide and Broadcast in Waco. The HD-60 ad is backed by $91,605 on Fox News and radio districtwide.

“Standing against school choice is standing on the wrong side of history,” said School Freedom Fund President David McIntosh. “There’s nothing conservative about siding with corrupt education bureaucrats who don’t have our children’s best interests at heart. Parents got an inside look at what is happening in our schools during the pandemic and they didn’t like what they saw. School Freedom Fund will hold these state lawmakers and others accountable at every level of government.”

The Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek wrote an exclusive report on the ads.


“Gov. Greg Abbott and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz are finding themselves increasingly at odds as they try to shape the next Republican majority in the Texas House, splitting their endorsements in a host of primary runoffs in which candidates appear to differ on ‘school choice.’”

“Most notably, Abbott and Cruz are on opposite sides of two runoffs in which incumbents — state Reps. Kyle Kacal of College Station and Glenn Rogers of Graford — face challengers who would be reliable votes for school choice. Abbott has backed the incumbents while Cruz has endorsed Ben Bius, who is challenging Kacal, and Mike Olcott, who is running against Rogers.

In a sign of how important the runoffs are to school choice advocates, a national group called the School Freedom Fund is launching TV ads Wednesday against both Kacal and Rogers. The 30-second spots bash Kacal as the ‘most liberal Republican in the Texas House’ and tell voters that Rogers is ‘beholden to education union bosses working against you,’ referring to his support from groups like the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers.

The School Freedom Fund — which is aligned with the Club for Growth [Action], a national conservative group — said it is spending $220,000 in the Kacal-Bius runoff and $92,000 in the race between Rogers and Olcott. It’s airing the ads on Fox News and radio stations.”

School Freedom Fund is an independent expenditure committee.

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