ICYMI: The Bloc Covers Club for Growth PAC Crypto Poll


Washington, D.C. – In case you missed it, The Bloc’s Stephanie Murray published an exclusive report on a new cryptocurrency poll from Club for Growth PAC.

Story Excerpts:

Exclusive: Voters skeptical of Federal Reserve digital currency, poll finds

The Block, Stephanie Murray


Fifty-three percent of voters in battleground states say they oppose a digital currency issued by the Federal Reserve, according to a new poll shared exclusively with The Block.

The survey also found that 42% of voters are unsure whether cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin harm the environment.

The prominent Republican group Club for Growth [PAC] commissioned the poll through its political action committee. The conservative organization has taken a recent interest in crypto — The Club for Growth [Action] has given more than $1 million to Crypto Freedom PAC, a super PAC that has spent serious cash in midterm races in support of pro-crypto candidates.

According to the new poll, 53% of voters said they oppose a Federal Reserve digital currency, while 11 percent said they support it. More than one-third of voters — 36% — said they were unsure.

Voters became more doubtful of digital currency when they learned more details from the pollster. Fifty-nine percent of voters said they were less likely to support a digital currency when they were told “the government could monitor all purchases that you make using the digital currency” and prevent it from being used for particular purposes. Plus, 51% said they were less likely to support the currency after they were told “the government could tax transactions made with the digital currency if the person making the transaction haven’t paid their taxes.”

The poll also surveyed voters’ opinions on the environmental impact of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Forty-two percent of voters said they were not sure if cryptocurrencies hurt the environment, while 31% of voters said they hurt the environment and 27% said they do not hurt the environment.

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Key Poll Takeaways:

  • Two-thirds of voters either believe that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin do not hurt the environment or are unsure about their effects.
  • 53% of voters oppose the Federal Reserve issuing its own digital currency
  • As voters learn more about a Federal Reserve digital currency, they are even more skeptical of the idea.

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