ICYMI: Washington Times Reports On Club for Growth Ad Campaign


In case you missed it, the Washington Times reported on Club for Growth’s advertisements in four Democratic congressional districts asking voters to contact their Representatives in the U.S. House to stop supporting the phony impeachment process and instead start solving problems. The four districts all have freshman Democratic representatives who flipped seats previously held by Republicans in 2018. See excerpts from the Washington Times story below:


David McIntosh, Club for Growth president and a former Indiana congressman, said his group views the impeachment inquiry as a “political liability” because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “knows the evidence doesn’t meet their charges.”

“Now that socialists have driven the Democratic Party over the cliff with the sham impeachment, conservatives have an opportunity, especially in certain districts where recently elected Democrats who campaigned on moderation and independence have to go home and answer questions from voters about why they haven’t done more in issues like jobs and the economy,” Mr. McIntosh said in a statement. “But just as important, impeachment has become a rallying cry as we’re seeing in our booming grassroots outreach including thousands of calls and letters to members of Congress.”

The group is eyeing a handful of districts to target next, including those of Democratic Reps. Harley Rouda of California, Sean Casten of Illinois, Jared Golden of Maine, Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, and Ben McAdams of Utah.