McIntosh Applauds President Trump’s Budget Proposal but Cautions Deficits


Club for Growth President David McIntosh: “Club for Growth applauds President Trump and Acting OMB Director Russ Vought on a budget proposal that would continue to dramatically improve economic growth and avoid another outrageous and irresponsible budget cap spending deal. As the president has demonstrated over the past two years, reducing regulatory burdens, barriers to entry in the markets, and cutting taxes results in an economic environment where risks will be taken, jobs will be created, and prosperity will flourish. We know that he is willing to make the tough decisions to make America great again, and there is more to do.

Club for Growth remains deeply concerned about the deficits within the budget proposal, which totals over $1 trillion each year until 2023. These deficits mirror the deficits President Obama left on the American people.

“In order to get our fiscal house in order, we need deeper and immediate cuts to non-defense discretionary spending and quicker reforms to save money on mandatory spending programs. While President Trump’s budget proposals offers important reforms to Medicaid and other entitlement programs, saving the taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars, Medicare and Social Security continue to push the deficit higher and push the economy toward a real fiscal crisis. Even when it’s most difficult, there needs to be an urgency to reform these programs in the near-term.

Club for Growth encourages President Trump to work with Congress to make abrupt reforms that save these important programs for future generations. It is not too late to avoid a fiscal crisis, but once we are in a fiscal crisis the impact will be devastating to the United States and the world economy.

“Club for Growth also encourages every Member of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate to look in the mirror and demand better of yourself on federal spending. Congress needs to assert its Article I authority and reclaim responsibility of the taxpayers’ dollars on federal spending to responsibly avoid trillion dollar annual deficits.”