McIntosh: Trump Leads on Healthcare Fight while Congress Begs to Sit on Sidelines


“Club for Growth is encouraged that top officials from the Trump Administration spent time over the weekend at Camp David to focus on the issue of restoring health care freedom. President Trump and his administration are leading on this issue, while most Members of Congress beg to sit on the sideline to see how the issue politically unfolds for them.

“President Trump, Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, Secretary Azar, and Administrator Verma should be confident that continuing these discussions will bring a renewed focus to why Obamacare is failing. Conservatives have to expose liberals that will stop at nothing short of eliminating all private health insurance with Medicare For All. More importantly, this issue continues to rise to the highest levels of policy discussion because President Trump and his administration are taking valuable steps to increase health care freedom.

“When we focus on free market reforms that create competition in the marketplace and create choice for health care consumers, like allowing Americans the ability to purchase Short-Term Limited Duration (STLD) plans, Association Health Plans, health insurance across state lines and removing the funding cap on health savings accounts, the American people will experience health care freedom that results in decreased costs and increased quality of health care. This is our shared mission.”