Newspaper Ad Highlights The Biden/Trump Plan To Cut Social Security


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Club for Growth is running a print newspaper ad highlighting the Biden/Trump plan that will lead to 23% cuts in 10 years. The ad is running on Monday, April 24th, in the New York City edition of the Wall Street Journal as well as the Palm Beach Post. Politico’s Playbook published an exclusive report on the ad.

“This is an issue ad highlighting that Biden, Trump, and many establishment DC policymakers have the same position on Social Security – to do nothing and force seniors to be hit with massive Social Security cuts. It’s time for a responsible discussion on how we can move forward and do what needs to be done to protect seniors and all Americans.” – David McIntosh, Club for Growth President

Click here to see the ad.

Click here to read David McIntosh’s Wall Street Journal OpEd on the Biden/Trump plan.