Question For Candidates and Elected Officials About The American Compass Big Government Policy Proposal


In a recent interview on CNBC, American Compass head Oren Cass claimed a growing number of Republicans support his big-government plan which includes raising taxes. The Floridian asked Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as well as Rep. Byron Donalds about the plan to raise taxes and all three rejected the proposal. Here are 6 questions for reporters to ask other elected officials about Cass’ proposals.

Club for Growth Foundation recently released the Freedom Forward Policy Handbook pushing back on Cass’ big government proposals.


1. Do you support Oren Cass and American Compass’ proposal to raise taxes to pay for unprecedented levels of government spending?

2. Should the government seize money from American businesses and workers to divert to spend on projects favored by politicians?

3. Should Republicans implement their own version of the Inflation Reduction Act?

4. Are tariffs a tax on Americans workers, consumers and businesses?

5. Do tariffs help or hurt American manufacturers and their employees when they are forced to pay a higher price for steel?

6. Do tariffs help or hurt farmers when they lose access to foreign markets?