RSC Chair Ready to Wind Down Export-Import Bank


Club applauds strong statement against Ex-Im by Congressman Flores, Senator Lee, and the Republican Study Committee.

Washington, DC – The Club for Growth released the following statement in response to today’scalls for an end to the Export-Import Bank by the House Republican Study Committee, and in the joint statement by House Republican Study Committee Chairman Bill Flores (TX-17) and Senate Republican Steering Committee Chairman Mike Lee (UT).

“The Club for Growth is delighted to see Congressman Flores and the Republican Study Committee (RSC) engaging in the fight to end Ex-Im, and joining with Senator Lee in a clear statement outlining the bank’s ‘corruption, waste and mismanagement,’” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “Their statement – that Ex-Im is broken and should expire – is the conservative position, and stands in sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, who are desperate to save the bank’s corporate welfare for their cronies in the big corporations that benefit from Ex-Im. The addition of Congressman Flores and the RSC to this fight is vital in sending a message that Republicans see no place for the fraud and corruption of Ex-Im, and that the bank’s charter should be allowed to expire in June.”

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