WTAS – NC9 Primary Election – Bishop “Solidly In The Lead;” Rushing “Will Not Request A Runoff” If Behind Bishop; “Realtors Haven’t Gotten A Lot For Their Money” With Leigh Brown; CFG Poll, Ad, & Website


The following is a summary of What They Are Saying about the Republican primary in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District with election day next week.

Both the National Journal’s Hotline and The Daily Haymaker reported that Stony Rushing, “who ran a distant second in all three polls, confirmed he will not request a runoff if he comes in behind Bishop. That gives the GOP a good chance of avoiding a drawn-out, costly summer primary battle and uniting quickly against the well-funded Marine veteran Dan McCready (D).”

Paul Woolverton of The Fayetteville Observer reported on a recent PPP poll showing Club for Growth PAC endorsed candidate Dan Bishop is “solidly in the lead.” Woolverton also reported that the $1.3 million that The National Association of Realtors might not have been worth it. He wrote, “Brown’s low polling raised questions among North Carolina political observers on whether that money was well-spent. Several made fun of her on Twitter with videos of a child in the Little Rascals films throwing money out of a window, of a toilet flushing, and of The Joker villain in ‘The Dark Knight’ Batman movie burning a large pile of cash.”

Jim Morrill of The Charlotte Observer also reported that the PPP poll shows the $1.3 million spent by the National Association of Realtors hasn’t had the effect the organization had hoped for. Morrill wrote, “But one poll suggests Realtors haven’t gotten a lot for their money.”

Politico’s Zach Montellaro, wrote about an internal Club for Growth poll showing similar results to the recent PPP poll – Bishop has a commanding lead and the other campaigns are failing to resonate.

Brant Clifton of The Daily Haymaker reported on the new Club For Growth Action advertisement and website highlighting Leigh Brown’s opposition to President Trump and his tax cuts as well as her record raising money for Democrats. Learn more at AntiTrumpRealtor.com.

Americans for Tax Reform issued a press release saying that a number of candidates in the race, most notably Leigh Brown, have not signed the organization’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Brown’s previous opposition to that Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and her past work fundraising for Democratic campaigns.