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ICYMI: David McIntosh talks Trade, Congressional Races

Madeline Rainwater - October 24th, 2016

Club President David McIntosh was interviewed on CSPAN’s Newsmakers this past Sunday, in which he discussed the Club for Growth, Congressional Races all across the United States, Trade Policy and more.

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Club for Growth Signs Letter Against Obamacare Bailouts with Conservative Coalition

Madeline Rainwater - October 12th, 2016

The Club for Growth is urging Congress to not allow any further bailouts of insurance providers under Obamacare. The Club signed a coalition letter to Congress that warns lawmakers against Obamacare bailouts because they are an express waste of billions in taxpayer funded subsidies, and are extraordinarily anti-growth.

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Club for Growth PAC weighs in on VP Debate on CNBC

Doug Sachtleben - October 05th, 2016

David McIntosh was on Squawk on the Street discussing how Republican VP candidate Mike Pence drove home a strong plan for tax reform during the Vice-Presidential debate.

Today, In National Review: After Trump, Club PAC Focus on Congressional Races

Doug Sachtleben - May 26th, 2016

national review

They failed to stop him from becoming the nominee. Now, they’re hoping to elect a Congress that will check him if he becomes president.

By Eliana Johnson — May 26, 2016


In The News… 5.25.16

Stacy French - May 25th, 2016
  • Mike Crane and Drew Ferguson to compete in a runoff on July 26, AJC
  • Obama’s Education Department is attempting to mandate “equalized spending” at the state and local level, even though the education law passed last year specifically forbids it, Washington Examiner
  • Why Obama’s “mandate prosperity” is a fallacy, Real Clear Markets