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In The News… 5.12.16

Stacy French - May 12th, 2016
  • Sen. Rand Paul does an interview with Glasgow Daily Times and talks about issues that matter, including the debt and term limits.
  • Mike Crane separates himself from the field by arguing for lower taxes while opposing favoritism to certain industries. “My opponents who seem to just sunbathe in the glory of these giant tax breaks for specific industries, they’ll just perpetuate this broken system.” NPR Atlanta
  • Cruz announces 2018 Senate run, Politico
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In The News… 5.11.16

Stacy French - May 11th, 2016
  • PA-Sen: Toomey leads McGinty 45-44 in new Quinnipiac poll. And the Senate race to fill Marco Rubio’s seat is up for grabs;  The Hill
  • Since the income tax levied on small businesses fell to zero in Kansas, private-sector employment in the state is higher than in other states with a personal income tax, Forbes
  • WND article refers to Davidson as a “super-conservative” and lays out his personal history and political philosophy.

In The News… 5.10.16

Stacy French - May 10th, 2016
  • OZY on Ben Sasse standing up to Trump and championing real conservativism.
  • Bernie’s health care plan would fall $16 trillion short according to the Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute, Daily Caller
  • Real Clear Markets dismantles the idea “guaranteed income;”  “Economic growth has the best track record of all when it comes to freeing people from lives of misery.”

In The News… 5.3.16

Stacy French - May 03rd, 2016
  •  Utah Policy, Mike Lee gets a perfect score on the Club for Growth’s scorecard, and Utah’s Representatives all finish in the top-100 for that chamber.
  • John Fleming blasts Democrats for moving so far left and Republicans for doing nothing to stop them, The Advocate
  • Investor’s Business DailyInstead of hammering the rich with higher taxes, “Policies that promote savings and wealth accumulation for the middle-class and working poor would be far more effective at closing the wealth gap.”
  • Daily Signal on how capitalism saved the buffalo

David McIntosh on “Squawk Box”

Stacy French - May 03rd, 2016