General Economics

Club on Trump’s Carrier Deal

Doug Sachtleben - December 02nd, 2016

Club President David McIntosh discussed President-elect Trump’s Indiana Carrier deal during an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Making Money w Charles Payne” on 12-1-16

Economic Growth Crippled by Lack of Startups

Madeline Rainwater - October 24th, 2016

In a piece from the Wall Street Journal, author Jeffrey Sparshott reveals just how much the economy has relied on new startups to propel economic growth, and how it has been hampered by a decades-long increase in regulation. In fact, the pace of economic expansion has been the weakest since at least WWII, according to the article. If there is any serious recovery effort to be made to help the economy, repealing regulation and making it easier for startups to exist is the perfect place to start!

Full article here

In The News… 5.25.16

Stacy French - May 25th, 2016
  • Mike Crane and Drew Ferguson to compete in a runoff on July 26, AJC
  • Obama’s Education Department is attempting to mandate “equalized spending” at the state and local level, even though the education law passed last year specifically forbids it, Washington Examiner
  • Why Obama’s “mandate prosperity” is a fallacy, Real Clear Markets

In The News… 5.19.16

Stacy French - May 19th, 2016
  • Tim Scott in The State: Fight poverty by investing in opportunity.
  • Why Tim Scott fights for school choice, Washington Examiner
  • Forbes, The Harsh Reality of Regulating Overtime Pay

In The News… 5.18.16

Stacy French - May 18th, 2016