Club for Growth on Bringing Back Earmarks

Rachael Slobodien - January 09th, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh offered the following statement upon news of House Republicans’ interest in bringing back earmarks:

“If Republicans bring back earmarks, then it virtually guarantees that they will lose the House, stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh.


Bringing back earmarks is the antithesis of draining the swamp.  Earmarks will only benefit the special interests that grow government at the expense of working men and women.



Club for Growth’s Statement on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Rachael Slobodien - December 19th, 2017

Club for Growth’s Statement on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh offered the following statement ahead of votes in the House and Senate on H.R. 1, “The Tax Cuts and Jobs” Act:

“Club for Growth congratulates members of the House and Senate conference committee for their work in delivering strong pro-growth tax reform the American people,” stated David McIntosh.

“The tax reform bill will unleash great economic growth and prosperity.  And while this legislation embodies the most significant changes made to our tax code in thirty years, there’s no reason we have to wait for another thirty years to enact additional reform.

“In fact, with respect to the individual and major pass through businesses, this bill falls far short of pro-growth expectations.  For that reason, Congress should take up a new tax bill next year to complete the work by:

  • Having a real 25 percent maximum rate for businesses organized as subchapter S corps or LLCs, rather than artificial exclusions for sectors like financial services, and unfairly excluding 80 percent of business income from the pass-through rate.
  • Making permanent the temporary tax cuts for individuals.
  • Eliminating the death tax.
  • Repealing fully the Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • Cutting capital gains taxes to spur individual investments.
  • Repealing fully the taxes in Obamacare.


CFG Action Tennessee Launches Ad Exposing the “Fincher that Taxed Christmas”

Rachael Slobodien - December 18th, 2017

Today, CFG Action Tennessee unveiled a new digital ad, the “Fincher that Taxed Christmas,” targeting Stephen Fincher and his liberal voting record.  The ad will run statewide in Tennessee for the duration of this week.

To watch the CFG Action Tennessee’s digital ad, entitled the “Fincher that Taxed Christmas,” click here.

The text of the ad can be viewed below.

The Christmas Tree!
The symbol of the Season!
The target of the taxman?
Yes, boys and girls, in 2013 President Obama proposed a tax on Christmas trees.
And do you know who backed the Obama Christmas tree tax?
Congressman Stephen Fincher, that’s who.
True!  Your old Congressman is . . . the Fincher Who Taxed Christmas.

Tell Stephen Fincher higher taxes are naughty, not nice.


Paid for by CFG Action Tennessee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. 202.955.5500

Moderate Republicans joined with Democrats and ensured that Obamacare remains the law of the land.

Stacy French - July 28th, 2017

Website launched! Obamacare Repeal Traitors

Stacy French - July 20th, 2017

Club for Growth and Tea Party Patriots launched a new website exposing the hypocrisy of 3 Republican Senators now blocking Senate Repeal Efforts.

These Senators all supported the 2015 Repeal Bill and spoke favorably of the bill and its 2 year replacement transition.  The only difference now?  There is a President Trump ready to sign it! screen-shot-2017-07-20-at-2-44-14-pm