CFG Action Tennessee Launches Ad Exposing the “Fincher that Taxed Christmas”


Today, CFG Action Tennessee unveiled a new digital ad, the “Fincher that Taxed Christmas,” targeting Stephen Fincher and his liberal voting record.  The ad will run statewide in Tennessee for the duration of this week.

To watch the CFG Action Tennessee’s digital ad, entitled the “Fincher that Taxed Christmas,” click here.

The text of the ad can be viewed below.

The Christmas Tree!
The symbol of the Season!
The target of the taxman?
Yes, boys and girls, in 2013 President Obama proposed a tax on Christmas trees.
And do you know who backed the Obama Christmas tree tax?
Congressman Stephen Fincher, that’s who.
True!  Your old Congressman is . . . the Fincher Who Taxed Christmas.

Tell Stephen Fincher higher taxes are naughty, not nice.


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