Club for Growth Action and Black Bear PAC Congratulate AG Patrick Morrisey on WV-GOV Primary Victory


Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth Action and Black Bear PAC congratulate Attorney General Patrick Morrisey on winning the Republican primary in West Virginia’s Gubernatorial race. Club for Growth Action and Black Bear PAC combined to invest $13.1 million into the race over a series of ads to boost Morrisey’s candidacy. Club for Growth PAC, and Black Bear PAC, endorsed Morrisey for Governor on April 5th, 2023.

“As we’ve seen in states across the country, Republican primary voters want a proven conservative champion representing them in elected office – and AG Patrick Morrisey was the only candidate in the race with the resume for the job,” said Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh. “As Attorney General, Morrisey successfully took on the Biden administration and delivered some of the biggest wins for free markets in recent memory, including the landmark ruling in EPA v. West Virginia, which drastically limited the powers of the D.C. bureaucratic state. As Governor, Morrisey will continue to lead by example by cutting taxes, expanding school freedom, and defending the liberties of West Virginians for generations to come.”

“Congratulations to Attorney General Morrisey on an outstanding victory. Patrick Morrisey has proven time and again during his years as Attorney General that he will stand up for West Virginia. With Morrisey as Governor the future of West Virginia’s economy, especially jobs reliant on resources like coal and gas, is brighter than ever,” said Scott Will, Senior Advisor to Black Bear PAC. “Black Bear PAC was proud to invest in Attorney General Morrisey’s victory and eagerly looks forward to finishing the job in November’s general election.”

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